Susan Griffin
I'm the Executive Director of Hannah's House Family Center, a nonprofit organization which provide a network of family programs that protect at risk children and support vulnerable parents experiencing the traumas of family breakup, divorce, and loss. We have expertise in supervised visitation and safe exchange; multiple therapies -- adult, child, family, parent-child interactive, couples; multiple classes -- peaceful co-parenting, positive parenting, anger & emotion management, infant & toddler care, and teens & screens.

We have a Substance Use Disorder Assesssment (SUDA) Clinic which specializes in tailored assessments for various court situations. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT94717) specializing in complex co-parenting challenges, with a particular emphasis on issues of abuse, addiction, domestic violence, and parent-child estrangement. For some families these situations occur in the midst of or following a separation/divorce; blended family transition when a new adult partner enters the family; or when children are caught in the middle of Family Court custody and visitation disputes. For other families these situations occur when a new child is welcomed to the family; when the needs of children change as they move from one stage of development to another; and when families face difficult decisions about dilemmas such as Screen Time Policies. 

I am the Senior Clinician in the Transitions Family Program at Hannah's House. I provide training and consultation to our therapist trainees and interns to ensure that the next generation of family therapists are competent to provide services to families involved in complex family transitions that occur at the intersection of the courts and mental health practice. 
I believe children need the love and support of both parents. I believe all parents can benefit from support, education and guidance to improve the quality of their relationships with their children and with their co-parents whether living together or separately.

Free services include: Dad's Support Group on Thursdays 530-7 pm and Mom's Support Group on Fridays 530-7 pm. There is a Children's Arts & Animals Group at the same time as each of the parent Support Groups. A free Co-parenting Workshop and Children's Petting Zoo occurs on the 3rd Saturday of each month 10 am - 12 pm.

Specialized Services at Transitions: Facilitated Co-parenting Meetings; Classes in the 4 types of Co-parenting Relationships -- Cooperative - Transitional - Parallel - High Conflict; Parent Coordinator Services; Consultation on Co-parenting Skills development (email, text, Skype, phone, etc.); Facilitated Family Meetings in office or in your home.
Feeling the need for help? Call 858-225-7378 or email today.

Experience and Compassion

I have over 40 years of human services experience, with degrees in child development, music, psychology, behavioral science, and couples/family therapy. I have specialized training in parenting/ co-parenting; child development;family systems; divorce and family dynamics; substance abuse; anger management; and music/art work with children. I have testified as an expert witness and served as a mitigation specialist.

I am a co-founder of Hannah's House, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching children, parents, and communities the skills essential to reduce violence and abuse towards self and others both in this generation and the next. Hannah's House provides supervised visitation and exchange services as well as therapy, education and support to families and communities in transition caused by: divorce/separation; custody/visitation disputes; substance abuse; mental illness; domestic violence; child abuse/neglect; and other difficult challenges of parenting and co-parenting for intact families as well as restructured families.

Hannah's House programs include: parenting/co-parenting classes; children's support group; animal-assisted children's program; facilitated co-parenting meetings; supervised parenting time and supervised child exchanges; forensic substance abuse assessment, counseling and referral; anger management classes; free support groups and a variety of therapeutic services for families involved in Family Court matters.

I co-authored a book with my son's father, Co-parenting For The Sake of The Kids, a booklet for teachers, employee assistance professionals, and family law attorneys. I am also author of a series of articles called "The ABC's of Parenting." My books include: Parents are Forever; Turtles Travel Too; and The Healing Circle of Stones: A Positive Force for Transformation of Self and Community; and Good Order and Discipline.

In addition to over 35 years of work as a teacher, consultant, advocate and activist in the human services field, I am a parent, step-parent, licensed ham radio operator, amateur herpetologist, horsewoman, songwriter, musician, artist, poet and short story writer.

I have been honored to receive the San Diego Channel 10 Leadership Award; San Diego Kiwanian of the Year Award; and I am proud to have retired as President  of the Old San Diego Kiwanis Club; and past President and Treasurer of the San Diego Family Law Council for Children.

I currently serve on the Board of Directors of the Global Supervised Visitation Network.

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