Susan Griffin
I'm the Executive Director of Hannah's House, a nonprofit organization which provides a supervised visitation and safe exchange family center for children caught in the middle of custody disputes. We have expertise in substance abuse training, education, assessment, referral, and outpatient therapy. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT94717) specializing in complex co-parenting challenges, with a particular emphasis on issues of abuse, addiction, domestic violence, and parent-child estrangement. For some families these situations occur in the midst of or following a separation/divorce; blended family transition when a new adult partner enters the family; or when children are caught in the middle of Family Court custody and visitation disputes. For other families these situations occur when a new child is welcomed to the family; when the needs of children change as they move from one stage of development to another; and when families face difficult decisions about dilemmas such as Screen Time Policies. I am the Senior Clinician in the Transitions Family Program at Hannah's House. I have a private practice and specialize in conjoint and family therapy with families involved in Family Court and other difficult family challenges. I believe children need the love and support of both parents. I believe all parents can benefit from support, education and guidance to improve the quality of their relationships with their children and with their co-parents whether living together or separately.
Therapy: Conjoint, Family & Child Therapy
Co-parenting: Cooperative - Transitional - Parallel - High Conflict
Parenting: Parent Coordinator Services, Positive Parenting, Infant & Toddler Care
Mindfulness: Anger/Emotion Management 

Additional services include forensic Substance Use Disorder Assessments; consultation on Co-parenting Skills development (email, text, Skype, phone, etc.); Facilitated Co-parenting Meetings; Facilitated Family Meetings in office or in your home.
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