Susan Griffin
I'm the Executive Director of Hannah's House, a nonprofit children's charity which provides a supervised visitation and safe exchange family center for children caught in the middle of custody disputes. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT94717) specializing in the complex challenges of coparenting after separation/divorce; blended family transitions; and children caught in the middle of family disputes. I am the Senior Clinician in the Transitions Family Program at Hannah's House. I have a private practice and specialize in conjoint and family therapy with families involved in Family Court challenges. I believe children need the love and support of both parents. I believe all parents can benefit from support, education and guidance to improve the quality of their relationships with their children and with their coparents.
Therapy: Conjoint, Family & Child Therapy
Coparenting: Cooperative - Transitional - Parallel - High Conflict
Parenting: Positive Parenting, Infant & Toddler Care
Mindfulness: Anger/Emotion Management 

Additional services include consultation on Coparenting Skills development (email, text, Skype, phone, etc.); Facilitated Coparenting Meetings.
Feeling the need for help? Call 858-225-7378 or email today.


St Augustin said that "Peace in society depends on peace in the family." If you are seeking more peace in your life check out my anger management program, Pathways to Peace.
We can all benefit from better parenting, whether receiving it or providing it, regardless of our age. If you want to be a better parent or understand the way you were parented check out my Positive Parenting classes.
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